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research activities

we offer an effective solution and a state of art consulting service
in audio and speech communication

from audio tecnologies to human-machine natural dialogue,
from systems and algorithms development to commercial and pilot systems evaluation,
from contributing to international standard to the definition of national guidelines for the Public Administration

Audio Technologies

TV, radio, web, smartphone and not last your home hifi, are a great part of what you listen to in every day life. Audio (and Speech!) quality is our aim for your better life: audio recording, and reproducion are key points as well as audio contents digital delivery.

Speech Technologies

Today computer can talk to you and understand your voice. They can recognize who is speaking and emotion. Choosing the right technology for your needs is a challenge. Let us create the most innovative and effective voice based solution for you.

Natural Language Technologies

How to design a natural speech interface for a service or an application, how to optimize dialogue and man machine communication for a specific class of user, and how to evaluate if a system satislies user and requirements? We can answers all these questions!


Workshops and conferences organised by FUB

TAL e Open Data

Turin, January 2014

TAL per l'innovazione

Rome, October 2010

LangTech 2008

Rome, February 2008

TAL Uomini e macchine

Rome, March 2006

Biometrics on the internet

Rome, November 2002


Rome, June 2002


a list of our major projects, from the oldest to the newest

  • 2002-today


    ForumTAL is a permanent observatory on spoken and written language technology. Amongs its members several Public Administrations, Research and Academic centers, and private Companies.

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Mauro Falcone

Senior Researcher

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Senior Researcher

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