A. Speaker Authentication:
A.1. Speaker verification
A.2. Speaker identification
A.3. Robustness in speaker recognition
B.  Image-Based Biometrics:
B.1. Face detection/recognition
B.2. Iris recognition
B.3. Lip movement recognition
B.4. Fingerprint/palm recognition
B.5. Signature recognition (static, dynamic)
C.  Multimodality and Data Fusion:
C.1. Multimodality versus unimodality
C.2.  Fusion techniques
C.3. Fusion in the feature domain
C.4. Fusion in the decision domain
D. Applications and implementation:
D.1. Financial applications
D.2. Secure data access
D.3. Requirements for reliability
D.4. Implementation/user interface
E. Databases:
E.1. Speech databases
E.2. Image/movie databases
E.3. Multimodal databases
E.4. Clean data versus real data
F. Assessment:
F.1. Performance evaluation methods
F.2. Standards
F.3. Users’ attitudes
G.  Others-Please specify