link to Fondazione Ugo Bordoni web site

FUB - Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Italy

link to the COST-TIST web site

COST-TIST - European Co-Operation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research - Telecommunications, Information Science and Technology

link to the Italian Superior Institute of Telecommunication web site

ISCTI - Instituto Superiore delle Communicazioni e delle Tecnologie, Italy

link to the International Speech Communitation Association web site

ISCA - International Speech Communication Association

link to the Institution of Electrical Engineers web site

IEE/PN-VIE Institution of Electrical Engineers/ Professional Network Visual Information Engineering

link to the Speaker and Language Characterisation web site

SpLC - Speaker and Language Characterization - A Special Interest Group of ISCA

University of Hertfordshire

NEC Italia

Elettronica Telefonia Meridionale