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The San Michele a Ripa. River side view.

Complesso Monumentale di San Michele a Ripa Grande

Via di San Michele, 22 - 00153 Roma (map)
Conference: Sala dello Stenditoio
Exhibition: Sala degli Arazzi

The venue of the conference is inside the monumental building of San Michele a Ripa, one of the most interesting and great architectural structure in Rome. It starts in 1686 as Istituto Apostolico San Michele, with the goal of receiving and rehabilitate young orphans and needful children but it was completed as late as 1834. The Complex is composed by: la Chiesa Grande (The Big Church), ideated by Carlo Fontana in 1706; the plant of San Michele a Ripa, hosting flourishing craftsmanlike activities since its creation until 1870; the wool mill, built in 1703, mostly utilizing the work of the prisoners of the Casa di Correzione (Punishment House); the Arazzeria (Tapestry factory); the Scuole di arti e mestieri (School of Arts and Crafts).

It is located in the centre of Rome between Trastevere and the Tiber river, not far from famous touristic attraction as "the Mouth of True".

San Michele a Ripa

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